Jun 16 - Jun 20 2019


A trace can be thin, fragile almost invisible. A crack, a half erased sign, a footstep, a scar. It can open a wide unsuspected world, be a witness of time, a line, creating, connecting spaces. A story to be re-discovered, to be re-invented. An inspiration. 
The singer Chloe Levy and the cellist Marcus Hagemann offer an emotional, spiritual musical world, full of fantasy. They bring together pieces of different composers from Purcell, Chostakovich, Tavener, medieval composer Hildegard von Bingen to arrangements of traditional old songs, original compositions and improvisations, to a whole new personal trace. 
5 evolving concerts each day at 8pm:
So 16.06. Mo 17.06. Di 18.06. Mi 19.06. Do 20.06.