Jul 06 - Jul 07 2023

tête is töt

thursday 6th july 6-9pm

A ritual to celebrate and say goodbye.

If you have been touched by tête wether as a visitor, passerby, artist, curator, musician, participant or other and would like to say goodbye to the space before it closes, you are warmly welcome to come by one last time this thursday from 6-9. There will be a chance to perform a small solo ritual and collect a symbolic object to remember the space if you wish so and share a glass of wine while sharing perhaps some stories about tête. 

you are welcome to bring food to share, byob, to sing to dance to laugh to cry to play one last time in this magical space that for the last 15 years has been a container for so many different creative cultural and community experiences.

you may wonder why is tête shutting down?

alas it’s pretty easy to guess. As we still live in a world where money is valued more that culture and community, the owner of the building has decided to Renovate the ground floor, so tête in just a few weeks will literally lose its head (tête coupé) the original late 1800s window that has been the frame for so much beauty and art will be dismantled and replaced with a modern metal window split in 2, as one patron remarked “perfect for the hairdresser who can afford the rent” which will double incedently and indecently after this “operation”

For the last 8 years tête hosted 100s of artist curators musicians and cultural creatives of all sorts shapes and sizes. starting from a simple idea of running a project as a timeshare where the only relationship is an economic one,  a rich social experience emerged.

through this model tête quickly experientially evolved with its temporary owners needs, first a team of 12 individuals running each a month of the year, to slowly adapting to our needs and the growing circle of friends and friends of friends of tête. As more and more people  heard of this magical place where everything was allowed, where you had the freedom to try things out, tête became a space where anyone who had some form of cultural creation  to share could if they where willing to follow the simple guidelines of the space. You pay the rent for the time you use the space, you get the key and the space empty, we share the common resources and communication tools, you organize whatever and however you want, you leave the space as you found it and maybe meet the next temporary owner and pass them the key.  Simple yet effective and creating a sense of ownership and trust and freedom that made tête, tête.

the 100s of hooks that have been unhooked in the last days are a testament to this freedom of expression. Hooks from detlef ( if you where there you know…) hooks from playful nature, hooks that hung lights and webs and nets and fabric and swings, and hammocks made of books. I have so many magical memories space, of handmade miracles, and culinary sculptures, or curatorial games of dice, an oyster bar, a frisbee