Oct 01 2022


Oct 1 10am-6pm

You are invited to create, play, dress-up and celebrate with the infinte possibiities of bodyloops!


12-2pm Production
Pauline will be at her sewing station and available to make the custom loop of your dreams

2-4pm Play
Manou & Benji invite you to come play with all the new bodyloop inventions, giant multi-fabric loops, a multi-sensorial fullbody swing, flags of possiblities +more

4-6pm Fashion Shoot 
Bodyloops are amazing for dressing up and creating fabulous silly & sexy costumes and accesories. Come and dress up with us and be part of a fashion photo shoot.

6-8pm Party 
Let's celebrate and harvest all of the summers bodyloop creations. We will most likely co-create a bodyloop game, drink somthing bubbly, eat loopy snacks and probably more emergent loopy magic

What are bodyloops?

An infinite possibilities of connecting with the playful body creative mind & open heart

A Cooperative Community Cocreated Art ( CCCA )


Oct 07 - Oct 08 2022


GUAYOTA · The Vanishing of Light

Opening: Oct 7th 7pm

Open hours: Oct 8th tba

GUAYOTA is a free, non-commercial photo project by BAM Photographers, shot and directed in Tenerife at the beginning of 2022.

According to the legend, GUAYOTA, a malignant deity, kidnapped the sun and locked it up inside Teide which plunged the world into darkness.By praying to the god Achamán, humans could save the sun by locking GUAYOTA away in Teide, instead.

In this modernised version of the saga, GUAYOTA is still, to this day, trying to escape by deceiving humans. GUAYOTA uses hidden signs and objects like a mirror, in attempt to reopen Teide and cast darkness across the land once again.

Weblink: www.benandmartin.com . Instagram: @bam_photographers

Weblink: www.annamariaberlin.com . Instagram: @anniexbln

DESIGN: FUNS KURSTJENS AKA OOOZ.CLUB Weblink: www.oooz.club . Instagram: @oooz.club

Oct 14 - Oct 16 2022

Truth or Consequences

Isabel Cavenecia

Curated by Sigrid Hermann
Live harp performance at the opening: Andy Aquarius

An Exhibition with drawings inspired by a long trip in the desert of the southwest of USA
Opening : 14.10.2022 (from 17:00-21:00)
Exhibition dates: 14,15,16 oktober (15 and 16 from 12:00-18:00)

instagram: @isabelcavenecia

Oct 27 - Oct 29 2022


Maxi Neues

Preview: Thursday 27th Oct 6-10pm
Opening: Friday 28th Oct 6-10pm
Opening Hours 3-7pm Sat 29th Oct

Flat objects in the space - flat objects in the space?
Flatness creates space and gets three-dimensional.
Monumental and strong however ready to collapse.
Fleeting and stable at the same time.
The polished surface gives the illusion of depth. These illusions vanish when viewed from behind.
It’s all trash! All trash ? I thought it was precious!
Is this superficial? Or is this substantial?
Leftovers acting like real sculptures – playing theater in a barock space.
Improtheater: Different materials gather and enter into a dialog spontanously. And have much fun

Flache Objekte im Raum – Flache Objekte im Raum?
Flachheit, die Raum erzeugt und dreidimensional wird.
Monumental und beständig und doch kurz vorm Zusammenstürzen.
Flüchtig und stabil zugleich.
Die glänzende Oberfläche gibt die Illusion von Tiefe. Mit dem Blick auf die Rückseite verschwinden
die Illusionen.
Alles Abfall! Alles Abfall? Ich dachte, das sei wertvoll!
Ist das oberflächlich oder ist gerade das substanziell?
Reste, die wie „echte“ Skulpturen agieren – die Theater in einem barocken Raum spielen.
Improtheater: Verschiedene Materialien, die aufeinandertreffen und in einen Dialog miteinander
treten – ganz spontan. Und ganz viel Spaß miteinander haben.

instagram: @maxineuses