Sep 13 2017

Vernissage - Performance von Lisa Stertz

Performance mit Lisa Stertz am 13.9.17


»flutun|d|fall« is an opening position to the exhibition “Die nächsten 100 Jahre?”, that presents four artistic approaches to Tschernobyl, its consequences and question of future.
The double meaning of the title Flut und Fall [flood and fall] and Flutunfall [flood accident] plays off the political, i.e. state-official attitude of sudden escape and rash evacuation that overpowers conscious listening, seeing and thus responsive acting. How can an accident, that shall be erased from our history be cured for our days to come?
(concept/costume: Melanie Wiener, Lisa Stertz; performance: Lisa Stertz; installation: Tarek Meyr and Conny+Lisa+Michael Stertz)