Mar 19 - Mar 21

Multisensory Workshop Development

We invite you to come and take part in a multisensory workshop that aims to revive creative involvement with life. The experience will touch not only our intellect but our way of being in the world.

How does physiology – e.g. food, body posture, and movement affect our interpretation? What type of activities open our senses to the moment and ease the grip that our memories, expectations, and stories might have on us?

During these two days we’ll immerse in creative exercises varying from photography to devised drama and site-specific performance. No prior knowledge or experience is needed, only willingness to play and flourish creatively.

We start with an intro on Sunday from 18-20 at tête. This event is open to all who wish to join us for fresh juice and inspiring discussions on perception, expectations, creativity, and experience. We'd love to hear your thoughts on these and related themes. Welcome!


- Anna and Katarina


For more information, please contact: kmurto@gmail.com