Dec 18 - Dec 19 2021

des FILLES désir

Decadence positions on fashion photography

Opening on December 18 1 - 9 p.m.
and December 19 noon - 7 p.m.

Showcasing the collaboration with photography artist Patricia Morosan as well as the debut collection titled Decadence.

The rapid changes we are facing today regarding our ecosystem as well as fast technological development and a dystopian feel to some popcultural phenomena created a preoccupation with our way of living. Sudden shifts and disruptions in society can create a hollow feeling and promote a sense of decadence.
During the industrial revolution the word‘s negative aspects being synonymous with decline and degeneration became a political buzzword for conservatives opposing change. It got picked up as a concept in the Belgian movement of Symbolism that saw society drifting towards materialism and loosing its beliefs.

The photographs try to recreate a side of decadence that is less connected to decay but rather to a self assumed excess, a dionysian kind of freedom.

des FILLES désir is a personal expression of Adrian Stoica, aiming for an innovative spirit in making clothes. A particular interest lies in creating unusual shapes and volumes and adapting them to the body for everyday purposes.

instagram: @desfillesdesir

Patricia Morosan is a photographer and artist based in Berlin and Athens and part of the international photo collectiv Temps Zero and also a member of the artist organization Artistania.

instagram: @patriciamorosan