Oct 14 - Oct 16 2022

Truth or Consequences

Isabel Cavenecia

Opening 14.10.22, 6-9pm
Harp play by Andy Aquarius, 8pm

15.10.22-16.10.22, 2-7pm

Truth or Consequences marks the first solo exhibition of Isabel Cavenecia in Berlin. Over the past year Cavenecia has traveled through the South West of the US to realize a drawing project, finding inspiration in the wide landscape of the desert and its endless skies and sensing the presence of death while feeling fully alive, in love and being at mercy of the unknown. Cavenecia's new works depict emotional landscapes that simultaneously transcend the boundaries of consciousness through their specific visual language. In Truth or Consequences Cavenecia visually translates her travel experiences, which were of affective and psychological complexity. Her works display a preoccupation with thresholds, transitional spaces where fantasy, reality, sensation and imagination meet. Cavenecia is noted for her haunting, autobiographical, enigmatic drawings that convey the artist's visions of incantation, love, mortality and the other-wordly.

Isabel Cavenecia (*1990) lives and works in Berlin. Cavenecia completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, The Hague in 2014. Recent exhibitions of the artist have taken place at Harkawik (New York); Erratum (Berlin); Relaciones Públicas Galería (Mexico City); Across (London); Title Gallery (Santa Fe); FOAM (Amsterdam).

Curated by Sigrid Hermann

With the kind support of Mondriaan Fonds

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