Aug 29 - Sep 12 2018


ARTISTS: Bettina Hutschek, Dani Gal, Heidi Sill, Johannes Albers, Nina Katchadourian

No artworks will be shown for “Splitternackt” (bare naked) at the tête project space. Instead, a selection of decontextualized material from the archive of the participating artists will be presented, similar to a cabinet of curiosities. Referring to the cinematic concept of hors-cadre (French for “outside of the frame/image”), the invisible world which enables the image, such as the production equipment/material and the studio, this show will concentrate on the individual elements which directly or indirectly facilitate the realization of the artwork.


29.08.18 - 12.09.18

29.08.2018 / 19:00 – 23:00