Nov 08 - Nov 15 2014

Schwarze Sauberei

An exhibition curated by Marion Andrieu and Lucile Bouvard  

Opening: Sat Nov 8th, 2014  7 - 11 PM

Exhibition: Nov 8th – Nov 15th  open daily 4-7 PM 

Finissage: Sat Nov 15th  / concert: RAMATAUPIA from 9 pm.


Marion Andrieu / Barbara Breitenfellner / Natalie Czech / Gregor Hildebrandt / Alexandra Hopf / Rémy Hysbergue / John Isaacs / Susanne Jung / Timo Klöppel / Zora Mann / Regine Müller-Waldeck / DarrenNorman / Sally Osborn / Evariste Richer / Stefan Rinck / Albrecht Schäfer / Asako Shiroki

The group show “Schwarze Sauberei” gathers works by different artists around the notion of esotericism

The title “Schwarze Sauberei” is a slip of the tongue that collides three evocative words – Zauberei, sauber, and Sauerei (magic, clean, and mess) – and connects them to the idea of "black magic". The show takes up this allusion to focus on the aura and mystical dimension contained in the works presented.  

At play is to observe how each piece opens to a wider universe that exceeds its physicality and context. This point of view, in connection to animism, tends to consider the works as objects invested with a soul: the works might observe us as much as we observe them.            

Rituals, dreams, ex-voto, superstitious beliefs, cult objects and formulas are the recurring forms that fill the exhibition’s landscape. By delocalising the art works, and at times making them “relics” or fragments of an original, the display reveals their archaic and underlying uncanny nature.

Through the collection of these remarkable objects, the show aims to investigate the status and function of the artwork at the border between poetry and magic…