Oct 02 - Oct 10 2020


Opening: Friday 2 October, 2020 at 7pm
Rituals is the first, self-curated solo show of Berlin-based photographer Gøneja, opening at tête. It presents an entirely new portfolio of portraits, nudes and landscapes, exploring few subjects closely acquainted with the artist and some sites that have resonated with his spiritual life.
The portraits are built around some themes and ideas relevant to the individuals photographed, such as: reptile nature, Sufism or Norse mythology, to mention some. Keeping the focus on the human character such elements appear differently - as narrative, symbols, or performance. The landscapes presents two large-scale sites with ritualistic elements set against a wide natural setting, namely: an abandoned military fortress on the Mediterranean and a megalithic stone circle on the Northern Isles.  
The title refers to the approach employed while making these photographs - where hermetically sealed spaces allowed the artist and his subjects to create unique rites for the camera. It alludes also to the deeply subjective and spiritually-charged nature of the themes around which the subjects are portrayed - those invisible forces that guide and act upon their lives.
The opening of the show coincides with the launch of the 104-page, equally-titled photo-book. This comprehensive version of the portfolio features additional images and subjects, text-extracts from the individuals photographed, as well as a writing piece combining poetry and prose by Meev Eve.
The exhibition will include some of the artist’s recent experiments with totemic sculpture. 
Opening times: 2-9pm until Saturday 10 October, 2020
And by appointment: info@goneja.studio