Mar 16 - Feb 22 2019

Reverberation from Crystallized Revolutions

Opening: 6-9pm, Sat March 16th, 2019

Sat March 16th - Fri 22nd 2019

Curator: Ma Yongfeng

Artists in Context:

Arthur Debert
Cai Dongdong
Cong Feng
Meng Huang
Matthieu Saladin

Ma Yongfeng
Wu Xiaojun
Yao Qingmei

When revolution has solidified and crystallized, what else do we have now?

When revolution has become a distant echo, the reverberation after a time, a superimposed, entangled machine remix……

The sound source of the revolution ceased to occur. Due to inertia and reflection, the sound did not stop immediately, but it is a phenomenon of slow decay, that is, the phenomenon that the sound is reflected by multiple reflections.

When history began to vomit slowly with various residues, only the remnant of the revolution began.

Can this reverberation trigger the next social actions? Can it also stimulate paralyzed people deep dive in the social media black hole and algorithmic governance? How does crystallized revolutions re-mobilize, re-flow, and reshape the ones to come!