Sep 01 2014



This year September 1rst in tête - is about coming back and meeting again.
We invite you to celebrate the "beginning of the year" with us
on Monday night from 6pm

Come see the analog dia projection
in which each slide manipulates the light and is fully handmade by:

Wolf von Kries
Ulrika Ferm
Paul Vergier
Marlene Vergier
Dimitris Katsamakas
Antoanetta Marinov
Anna Chkolnikova
Benjamin Martin
Natalia Lou Martin
Maria Elsner
Emilia Elsner
Hervé Humbert
Christine Bette Bopp
Agathe Fleury
Ludovic Jecker
Andrey Loginov
Kristine Schnappenburg
Ellen Luise Weise
Tolia Astakhishvili
Andrea Huyoff