Jun 28 - Jun 29 2019

Patterns In A Chromatic Field (a Travelogue), 2018-19
Hervé Humbert

Full HD film with sound, in loop
camera, editing: Hervé Humbert
color grading: Emanuel Doser
Sound: Fabian Simon

Friday and Saturday 28th and 29th from 8 until 12 pm


"Sa place (le voyageur) est partout et nulle part. Il vit d’instants volés, de reflets, de menus présents, d’aubaines et de miettes" 
~Nicolas Bouvier, chronique japonaise, 1975.

The travelogue embraces a wide range of topics or patterns of the everyday life. It shows 60 views of my japanese trip. Likewise the Lumière brothers, the idea is to catch the world and the human activities in all his diversity in one minute sequences.
Every sequence proposes a realistic tableau, showing diverse actions and places. Focusing on what makes a life, from working to reading and traveling and sleeping ; the film takes us through a journey in Japan by train, bus and boat, through cities and countryside.
As these sequences are autonomous, I decided to interleave some colourful monochrome, changing colours and length. The film becomes a composition alternating realistic „tableaux“ and abstract colored surfaces.
The title is borrowed from a musical piece Morton Feldman composed in 1981.

~Hervé Humbert, December 2018.