Oct 30 - Nov 01 2020

On the beach at night alone

Fritz Poppenberg, Gintare Simutyte

Vernissage 18:00 Uhr 30.10.2020
Finissage 16:00 Uhr 01.11.2020

Opening hours: 31.10.2020 - 01.11.2020 12-7pm

In this exhibition, on view at tête from October 30th to November 1st 2020, we present a selection of our work of this year: Gintare Simutyte is showing a video installation, Fritz Poppenberg is showing paintings.

On the beach at night alone is an invitation to look out beyond the present moment and to direct ones senses inward, to think about the passage of time and the nature of the world as they appear in memories, thoughts, poems and dreams, and to appreciate the fundamental reality of textures, colors, air and light.

The exhibition is framed by an opening concert of music by Rameau, Berio and others, performed by Marine Madeline (Friday, 30th October, 20:00).

Gintare Simutyte (born 1987) is a Berlin based artist from Vilnius, Lithuania, whose work includes video, animation, installation, drawing and collage.

Fritz Poppenberg (born 1991) is a painter and printmaker born and working in Berlin.