Oct 10 - Oct 13 2019

Memory Work

an exhibition by Catherine Evans, Kirsten Heuschen & Joanna Mortreux

opening Thursday, 10 Oct 2019 at 6pm.

The exhibition will run from 10 - 13 October, open daily from 4 - 7pm
+ special events (see below).

Tête presents an exhibition of new photography, painting and sculpture that attempts to unpick the labour we undertake in memory creation, that is: Memory Work.

By bringing together three different artistic positions for the first time, the exhibition highlights the subjective nature of memory, the stories we weave and how they change through time by collecting, layering, undergoing material shifts and counter balances.

Memory work is the act of re-embodying that which has already passed. To be able to remember is also to be able to reimagine.

Special Events (everyone welcome!):

Thurs 10.10 • Vernissage, 6pm
Fri 11.10 • Doku screening, 7pm
Sat 12.10 • Vocal painting: join us for an impromptu choir of Circle Songs, 2pm
Sun 13.10 • Finissage and storytelling event, 4pm. We invite people to bring along a memory evoking object and share their story with us in an informal story exchange.

Catherine Evans: www.catherineevans.com.au
Kirsten Heuschen: www.kirsten-heuschen.de
Joanna Mortreux: www.joannamortreux.com