Mar 03 - Mar 08


abstract paintings by Liis Koger (Est)

Vernissage Wednesday, 4th of March 19.00

Open every day from 14 - 20Uhr March 3 - 8

"The title in its poetic form has nothing to do with the associations given to it.
I have taken it just from the pure form of linguistics, not the meanings that have been put to it. "Lebensraum" as in English would have the direct translation of "living room". So, what do we see behind the room full of life? Words should not be corrupted by some political systems," everybody has his own war going on, but that is not what people consist of – after some time, the history will have another words to say about itself, and everyone has different words to describe things, but that does not change the thing in itself – better told by Kant, ding an sich. What is going on in the backroom of a stage, in das Hinterlandfür einen Lebensraum, is a personal space: the room from where flowers of apparency blossom, where the seeds are sow; from where there is no illusion, just feeling, aftermath of intuition. If that meets and greets other minds, subjective greatness is told.“

Liis Koger