Apr 18 - Apr 25 2019

Silence & Structure 
Keren Shalev

April 18th - 25th
Opening Thurs April 18th 6pm
Finnisage Thurs April 25th 6pm

Silence and stillness are components in this exhibition.
The works occur in a quiet, motionless, white, mental space, and this is their meeting zone with the viewer.

The exhibition contains four sculptures. They are remote, hard, exposed structures. They linger gently on their own poetic existential state of being and inner composition.

Contemplating their state of matter, it is not clear anymore what is heavy and what is light. As if a breeze of wind became a solid construction and a rock ́s presence feels light like a breeze.

In the work “Self-reflection on Homeostasis” these elements are actively provided and embodied in the form of new
viewing conditions. The viewer is invited to enter a demarcated area, alone, in order to experience the sculpture. The sound is also neutralized by hearing protectors, and the viewer receives a time frame.

The distinct conditions are exposed like the sculptures.

Homeostasis is the tendency of a body to seek and maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within its internal environment (physiological, psychological, sociological) when faced with external changes.

Dwelling on and listening to the encounter of matters and the changes that happen regularly in them, in and around us is the narrative which accompanies this exhibition.


The exhibition is supported by Szloma- Albam Stiftung