Aug 06 - Aug 09 2020

Idle Currents

Opening: Thursday 6th August 6-9pm
Exhibition runs 6-9th August, 11-6pm

Tête is pleased to announce Idle Currents, a group exhibition featuring Lucy Olivia Smith, Maya Byskov and Eilis Kemp. Idle Currents will be the second collaborative exhibition of the Berlin-based artists.

Confronted with limitations, the mind is summoned to the Aegean Sea. Daydreams trace imaginary cartographies through a displaced perspective. Focusing on something that has not happened, but which nonetheless exists, the exhibition cuts across spatial and temporal constraints and explores conjured moments and objects filled with ambiguity.

The French aesthetic philosopher Roger Caillois, in his seminal study The Writing of Stones, writes “Each stone is potentially a mountain”, articulating a mesmerizing elastic conception of scale and cosmic time. Drawing from the romantics as well as paradoxical thinking, Idle Currents attempts to transcend our understanding of physical space, distance and time, and in turn make tangible the intangible experience of longing.

The exhibition presents three female voices in dialogue, who using different methods evoke an island that (perhaps) exists.

Lucy Olivia Smith (b. 1987, USA) is a ceramicist. With a background in environmental sciences she is interested in revealing the inherent qualities, texture, and colour natural to clay. For this exhibition, she examines the serendipitous interaction between people and nature. Forms alluding to visitors are replicated and caught observing a landscape of real and manufactured rocks. Creating sculptures that can be stacked, taken apart, and reconfigured, she recalls the meditative practice of stone balancing, and the visual albeit peaceful traces left by people in nature.

Maya Byskov (b. 1985, Denmark) writes essays, poems and short stories. For Idle Currents, she will present work exploring memory, scale and temporality and how a shift in these parameters affects an experience. Presenting a new piece called Sort of Unattainable, combining a stranger’s photographic archives with spoken word and field recordings, she will play with 3 types of distance: a geographical distance, a temporal distance, and a psychic distance (embodying mutant places and other sentient and non-sentient beings).

Eilis Kemp (b. 1986, Spain) is a textile designer and runs an independent clothing label called IISLE. As a result of IISLE’s commitment to mindful design using only natural fibres, she has been developing ongoing research that questions not only how garments are made, but also how they are un-made, the traces they leave after they are no longer used, and how and if the fibres will dissolve and blend with the earth. Eilis Kemp will present a time-based piece documenting what it might look like to accelerate the unmaking process, and attempt to reverse the production of a garment in a natural environment.


(image: Ellis Kemp)