Feb 21 - Feb 29 2020

I am always on time
Marion Andrieu

I am always on time, easily and effortlessly*

Opening: Friday 21.02.2020

21.02.2020 – 29.02.2020

It is already autumn! The squirrel is very busy. He must make his provisions for the winter. He looks for hazelnuts under the leaves, and when he finds one...hop! Hop! He immediately runs to store it in his hiding place, with the one he already has. You do need some hazelnuts to feed a squirrel all winter. You need some, yes, but how many? Winters are all different, sometimes even very long. How can you tell? Who to ask for advice? But yes! Of course! The Old Owl, his neighbour, he knows a lot of things. He will surely be able to inform him: “Sorry to bother you Mister owl, but do you think the winter will be long?”“Mmm…well… It is still too early to tell, but I would say…Mmm…yes quite long.”Quite a long winter? In these conditions I need more hazelnuts, said the squirrel. So he picks up lots of new hazelnuts. But taken by doubt, he returns to question the owl.“Mmm… it is confirmed my boy: I think we should expect a very long winter!“Very long?... oh, but that´s no good! If it's like that, I need a lot more  hazelnuts, said the squirrel”

He fidgets, runs everywhere and succeeds in finding lots of new hazelnuts. It's very tiring. This time he has gathered enough, that's for sure. But to find out, he returns to see the owl.

“Hou! Hou! Wow! This time, for sure: this year, the winter will be very, very, very long! Endless, even!”“What a catastrophy! A very, very, very long winter?!!! ... But, with all due respect, Mr. Owl, how can you be so sure?”“Hou, well, you see, it's not complicated: just look at the squirrels ... the more the squirrels collect hazelnuts, the longer the winter will be. Hou, hou, hou!”(Bientôt l'hiver, Voutch) 

I am always on time, easily and effortlessly * is the title of the exhibition from Berlin based artist Marion Andrieu at Tête Gallery.

For this occasion the artist will present an in situ installation of her recent sculptures.


Opening Hours:  Di-Fr: 11 am – 3 pm/ Sa-S: 2 – 7 pm,
and on appointment (marion.andrieu7@gmail.com)


* Louise Hay, 50 minutes of positive affirmation, source: you tube