Jan 14 2017


Exhibition & Release
One day/ One exhibition/ One Zine.
19h - Opening
21h - Live Sound collage performance by Rinus Van Alebeek

GlueHeads Exhibition#5 is taking place for one day
with Bill Noir, Linda Werner / hitchhikeheart, Cem Ulug, Adrian Wylezol, Jean Leblanc, Rachael Jablo, Anelor Robin, Cédric Mantel, Clémentine Rettig, Maike Zimmermann, Rinus Van Alebeek

GlueHeads#3 Zine realease with Lulla Valleta, Alice Morey, Lara Minerva, Damien Tran, Yoh Nagao, Fabian Kretz, Anelor Robin

GlueHeads is a wandering contemporary collage project.
The core concept and process is: One Day, One Exhibition, One Zine.
This GlueHeads session will introduce new medium as video and sound collage!!

Every GlueHeads exhibition is curated from different artists working with different collage techniques. In order to make every exhibition/zine unique and to keep the concept fresh, every GlueHeads session is always held in a different gallery with a whole new set of artists.

A project curated by Anelor Robin She is a freelance curator/artist. She consider the exhibitions she have presented to be a massive collage of different artistic elements. Regardless of the assembled works origin, age, or medium, she consider it's her obligation to always find the best possible permeation of artists and artworks. Collage, to her reasoning, is the base of all art and creation.

Special thanks to Maycec/ zine design