Feb 04 - Feb 06 2015

Contemplation - Revelation - Cosmovision

WED FEB 4  - 8PM
I had a vision while painting in Chile. My vision was to come to Berlin along with these paintings and share the revealed contents out of my  experience with Nature and Art.
The proposal introduces and brings elements from different fields to articulate a specific Cosmovision out of the contemplation and exploration of ancient cultures, cactus, insects, geometry, trees, South American spirituality, amongst other things.
My dreams come true, and in fact, I am in Berlin with my paintings with the mission and desire to share them with those who would like to participate in a space where we wander through the border between this physical dimension and  the Mystery.
When coming to participate, please bring those good vibrational objects that could be introduced in the celebration of the rituals. Kindly notice we organize these celebrations with respect, compatible with good fun and joy.
I will be available the whole day in tête happy to meet and share my proposal with whoever might like to have a chat with me. 
with love and light
Jose Manuel de Belda Mora
// FEB 4 - 6 // Open from 12am - 12pm 

20:00 - Vernissage - Inauguration
Performative Kolloquium
Metaphysical Ritual - Contemplation
Live Music
20:00 - Painting Exhibition
Performative Kolloquium
Metaphysical Ritual - Revelation
Live Music
20.00 - Painting Exhibition
Performative Kolloquium
Metaphysical Ritual - Cosmovision
Live Music