May 23 - May 30 2019

Carlos Gonzales

I was alone and you found me
Drunk and you protected me
Virgin and you deflowered me
Sad and you made me happy
Dying and you accompanied me
Blind and you guided my hands
Dirty and you washed me
Hungry and you fed me
Thirsty and you gave me to drink
Old man and you rejuvenated me
Young and you matured me
Woman and you were a man
Man and you were a woman
Whatever I was, you loved me.

--On the Malecón de la Habana, a magical border where every sentiment finds its place

The series of paintings is the fruit of 3 years of observation made in Havana, Cuba. The technique used for the main image is painting by rubbing paint directly on the body covered by a sheet. The result is an image in the exact size of each body, further illustrated by the artist’s interpretation of the subject’s personal story.

Carlos Gonzalez is an artist who uses photography as a means of expression.

After his last two exhibitions using photography to create installations (La Pared Negra at FAC in Havana, Cuba, March 2019 and Geneva’s Museum of Natural History, April – August 2019), he chose Berlin for his first-ever painting exhibition “LA VIRGIN DEL MALECON,” his tellings of the life stories of women he encountered in Havana.