Dec 10 - Dec 12 2019

Anne Wölk

tête presents Astral - a solo exhibition featuring the work of Anne Wölk.
Exhibition Dates:
Tuesday 10th - Thursday 12th December ( by appointment )
Vernisage: 7-9pm Thursday 12th December

Anne Wölk is fascinated by science fiction stories about space travel and cyberspace. The exhibition shows a selection of her latest series of paintings. Visitors have the opportunity to experience a sense of virtual infinity within her artworks.
Involved in the society of digital culture, Anne Wölk alters film stills and photographs of social network sources into their motifs and personal painting cosmos.

The artist`s subject matter speaks of the imagery of futuristic science and technology, which we have only become familiar with from the advancements of satellites; and cameras; and in cinematography and computer-generated-images. Wölk paints a fantastical interpretation of nature; in which the simultaneity of Romanticism and Utopia becomes perceptible.

Landscapes with horizons of mesmerizing deep blue color show our universe from which individual stars, as well as entire space nebulae, emerge. Starry night skies, modified by photoshop filters, are contrast a rainbow color scale of, e.g., mountain chains. Dreamlike artificial light is floating in the picture space and leads into the emptiness of a virtual vacuum.
Her exclusive conceptional use of bright screen colors is what makes her artworks very contemporary.
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„Star Spiral“, 2019
49,5 x 40 cm, 19.5 x 15.7 inch
Acrylic on canvas