Jul 06 - Jul 11 2018

Alte Sachen

Alte Sachen is a collaboration between the video artist Itamar Inbar and the photographer Ayala Gazit.

The name of the exhibition, Alte Sachen, means the same in German and Yiddish - Old things. Using images from Gazit’s German and Israeli family archives along with her own photographs as resources for an animated video installation.

The work is a process of combining a variety of visual mediums in order to challenge the limits of Analog Photography. De-contextualizing the images allows an abstract story to develop, one that has never actually existed, but now does in a different form. In a sense giving the "Alte Sachen" a new home.

Opening: Friday, July 6th 19 - 22Uhr

Closing: Wednesday, July 11th 19-22Uhr