Feb 19 - Feb 22 2015

A line began

Opening Do.19.02. 19h 

Christine Cheung, Anna Gestering, Alexander J. Kraut, Elizabeth McTernan, Eleni Mouzourou

The group exhibition A line began comprises a variety of practices that use the line as a guide down numerous paths. Along the way, objectivity is held up to the fickle light of inter-subjectivity through performative action, while geographical continuity is ruptured by politics, entropy and architecture to be pieced back together by bodily gesture. 

Documents of these actions are placed beside a diverse constellation of wall works recording the non-verbal gestures of mark-making explored through painting, collage and drawing. Both materially and metaphorically, boundaries are pushed and pulled to question and reveal the permeability, tenuousness, and tenacity of a line.

Opening Hours:
Fr. - So. 12-18h
Finissage So. 14-17h