Jun 23 - Jun 30

FIELD WORK - Berlin Summer Salon

FIELD WORK, the first anual Berlin Summer Salon by Jennifer Danos & An Paenhuysen

Schedule of events June 23-30, 2016:

Thursday, June 23rd: Summer Salon Opening Concert with TIER 7-10 pm

Friday, June 24th: The Process of Art Making. A talk with artwork producer Viola Eickmeier AND The Shape in the Air. An Paenhuysen and Ducks! 7-10pm

Saturday, June 25th: Open Studio: new work from Jennifer Danos & Akane Kimbara 7-10pm

Sunday, June 26th: Tea time with Nik Kosmas / Maru Matcha (and continuation of Open Studio show) 2-4pm

Tuesday, June 28th: Thinking in Culture. We let it slide with Thibaut de Ruyter, Marie Graftieaux and Craig Schuftan 7-10pm

Wednesday, June 29th: “Nocturne”- one night exhibition of Beatriz Santiago Muñoz, curated by Will Furtado 7-10pm

Thursday, June 30th: Party Hard! Performance and Closing Event with Aleks Slota Noon-10pm

Detailed information about all of the events, the participants, and the times can be found on the FIELD WORK website. Please check back for any additions or updates. Thanks to our wonderful guests for participating in the Salon, and we look forward to seeing all of you there - our friends, family, and colleagues - to make it an amazing week!

Jennifer & An