Jun 16 - Jun 19

Elida Runeson and Lina Berglund - A Collaboration


Opening Thursday 16 June at 7 pm.

Opening times Friday - Sunday from 3 to 6 pm.


Elida Runeson and Lina Berglund work with painting from different perspectives. For both of them the painting process is a state of being: a collaboration between inner and outer worlds, a condition where one oscillates between seeing and being seen.

Elida Runeson´s work explore the frames of narration, definition and identity. Her paintings take on an expressive, figurative tradition with a sense of absurdity and strangeness.
Elida Runeson born in Sweden, now living and working in Berlin. Website: http://elidaruneson.blogspot.se

Lina Berglund is concerned with the materiality of the painting and its layers of surfaces. The contact surface between the paint and the painting surface stimulates the bodily memory and gives emphasize to relationships between internal and external realities.
Lina Berglund lives and works in Sweden. Website: www.linaberglund.com

The exhibition at tête is a joint presentation of our work, where the collaborative aspect is the mutual openness for letting our paintings talk to each other in this specific situation.