Apr 14 - Apr 17 2016

Unfastened thread - Unn Fahlstrøm

OPENING RECEPTION  14.04. 19-22:00

PERFORMANCE BY  Jee Young Sim at 20:00

Unn Fahlstrøm works explore the meeting between inner and outer sense -based realities. She has often formulated emotional states and has a serial approach to her material.

In her recent projects, Fahlstrøm has focused on the thread’s linearity and its representation of time. Emphasizing on the existential aspect, she examines how we move through time and under which conditions. Through a medium based on singularity and complexity, she explores and maps the different paths of our existence. What does it mean to create a path outside our given social, geographical or biological coordinates? When one abandons one structure, one gives rise to another. Unfastened thread explores the processes involved with being located on the surface without taking root: a state of entanglement that occur when unfastened threads intertwine.