Feb 25 - Mar 01

6 Women, 6 Nights, 6 Performances

Thursday, 25 February — Feigned Unconsciousness / Simulierte Ohnmacht by Ella Ziegler
Ella Ziegler presents a performance which investigates the resonance of touch and the influence of a constellation of human bodies on power relations. In collaboration with Morten J Olsen (electric vibraphone), Sophie New (voice), Daniel Belasco Rogers (voice) and a visual score for a set of snooker balls. The performance will be in English and German.
Friday 26 February — Sculpture for closed space by Kirsten Palz
Kirsten Palz presents Sculpture for closed space, a new site-specifik work about architectural space and encounters. The performance will be in English.
Saturday, 27 February – Queen of Sheba by April Gertler
April Gertler’s performance Queen of Sheba - part of the Take the Cake series - uses the back drop of a cooking show to bake a cake while simultaneously exploring the history of baking and the sex and politics of chocolate from a feminist perspective. Cake will be served. The performance will be in English.
Sunday, 28 February - Where did it all go wrong? - Tanja Arthur und Stella Maxeiner
Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist
Tanja Arthur und Stella Maxeiner versuchen die Logik ihrer kleinen Welt mit ihrer Sprache, einem Aufnahmegerät und einem Overheadprojektor zu sprengen.
Die Performance findet in Deutsch und Englisch statt.
Monday, 29 February — your story in my story my story in your story by Susanne Kohler
Susanne Kohler’s performance explores her journey in Latvia while she searched for real places and experiences from her imagination that were based on her father’s stories of war and desertion. The performance will be in English.
Tuesday, 1st March — A Table for Voices by Catriona Shaw
Catriona Shaw presents a compilation of songs, poems and writing excerpts, complete with spontaneously constructed headgear for both the performer and the audience to wear. The performance will be in English.