Jul 14 - Aug 14 2015

PICTURE BERLIN Summer Session 2015 @tête


A Performance by Irina Gheorghe, @tête

The l lies between the words and the worlds. Between the words lies the world. Between the worlds lies the word. The l between the words and the worlds lies. As anything placed in between, its character is ambiguous. The uppercase of i overlaps the lowercase of L, creating an imprecise zone of contact between the upper and the lower. As above, so below.

Foreign Language for Beginners explores the dynamics and history of an improbable first contact by way of speech and movement. It's a guide of conversation with the world outside the word by way of word, inside a room.

28. July, 20.30h Curatorial talk by Pauline Doutreluingne, @tête

7. August, 19.00h Final Exhibition opening, @Freies Museum, Bülowstr. 90

12. August, 10.00 They Shoot Horses Don't They?—A Curatorial Marathon with 9 curators speaking about their practice, @ACUD Macht  Neu, Veteranenstr. 21 (€5 admission which includes lunch and a coffee break)


Past PICTURE BERLIN programming @tête this summer:

3. July, 19.00h Inaugural Exhibition opening, @tête

6. July, 20.30h Artist talk by April Gertler, @tête

14. July, 20.30h Balance Point, A Performance by Susanne Kohler, @tête

15. July, 20.30h Artist talk by Laercio Redondo, @tête

20. July, 20.30h Artist talk by Joachim Schmid, @tête

21. July, 20.30h Artist talk by Delphine Bedel, @tête

22. July, 20.30h Artist talk by Elisabeth Tonnard, @tête

25. July, 10.00 PB residents present their current work, @tête

PICTURE BERLIN is a hybrid residency program partially based out of tête and is dedicated to a dialogue on contemporary art and photography through alternative models of organisation.