Jan 10 - Jan 15 2015

6 Women, 6 Nights, 6 Performances

6 Women
6 Nights
6 Performances

10 - 15 January 2015
Doors at 20:00, Performances at 20:30
tête |  Schönhauser Allee 161A |  Berlin 10435

Saturday, 10 January – Speech of the ignorant by Catriona Shaw
Catriona Shaw presents a new performance with electronic accordion and voice, based on lyrics and images created during a recent visit to Orkney in Scotland, where she grew up.
Sunday, 11 January – BerlinBerlin by Lucienne Cole
A performative lecture based on Lucienne Cole's 3 month residency in Berlin in 2014.
Images/Stories/Travelogue/Love Letter to Berlin

Monday, 12 January – Review by Eva Meyer-Keller
Eva Meyer-Keller will be presenting ‘Review’ - a lecture performance
which revisits past performance works through questions from today.
Excerpts, quotes, anecdotes and demonstrations
Tuesday, 13 January – Take the Cake by April Gertler
April Gertler creates a cooking show atmosphere with a lecture performance twist by baking a cake while simultaneously exploring the history of baking from a feminist perspective.
Cake will be served.
Wednesday, 14 January – balance point by Susanne Kohler
In a performance Susanne Kohler discusses the experience of solitude, angst, confidence and freedom when recollecting the five days she spent snowed in on her own in a bivouac shelter in the Italian Alps.
Thursday, 15 January – Dance 001 by Kirsten Palz
Dance 001 is a new work by Kirsten Palz and will have its premier at tête. The dance will be performed by dancer and choreographer Efrat Stempler.