Sep 01 - Sep 30 2012

Handmade Miracles

HandMade Miracles was an invitation to fill the month of September with as many "handmade miracles" as possible. Artists and others where invited to interpret what a "Handmade Miracle" is for them. The month started with Thank you for Taking where the artists Benjamin Lee Martin & Anna Chkolnikova invited anyone to come and take whatever they wanted from an assortment of objects from their home. There followed a number of exhibitions, concerts, performances as well as healing arts sessions ranging from candlelight yoga to Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy.

Sept 8th - Thank you for taking
Sept 9th - Tête Universelle
Sept 11th - Lightness of Being - Biodynamic Craniosacral
Sept 14th - Garde le soliel dans ta tête
Sept 15th - Kinder Sushi Bankett
Sept 19th - Light Projection Lab - Chris Fraser
Sept 21st - Alarm Came Hidden
Sept 22nd - The Doors of Mistaken Beliefs
Sept 25th - Recreation at Night - Mathieu Schoetll
Sept 26th - Integrative Bodywork - Mark Maybank
Sept 26th - Candle light Yoga - Kirileigh Lynch
Sept 27th - Yumaii Miracle - Julie Sorel & Marie Sanson
Sept 28th - Oleg Tcherny - Film Presentation
Sept 29th - Fiona De Vos - Vocal Concert
Sept 29th - Snowwhite and the seven dwarves
Sept 30th - Garden Brunch