Mar 14

Apéro discussion #1

Apéro discussion #1, wednesday March 14, 19PM

"Tolstoy: A thing’s significance (importance) lies in its being something everyone can understand.  That is both true and false. What makes a subject hard to understand -if it is something significant and important- is not that before you can understand it you need to be specially trained in abstruse matters, but the contrast between understanding the subject and what most people want to see. Because of this the very things which are most obvious may become the hardest of all to understand. What has to be overcome is a difficulty having to do with the will, rather than the intellect.” - Wittgenstein.

I would like to discuss the difficulty to recognize significant change as such, and the difficulty to understand what change means, before and after it becomes a new standardized notion -particularly in the context of modernism (from pre- to post-modernism). 

Most of today’s cultural standards were scandalous or obscene, a century ago. We think this proves how liberated we are. But I don’t think we understand what this liberation means.