May 11 2013

SMOOTH MOIRÉ - Julien Villaret & Benjamin Lee Martin

05/11/13 4PM - 8PM
Come join us this Saturday afternoon in tête 4pm - 8pm
for Smooth Smoothies & Smoothie Silkscreening

Choose your color or mix them all!

On the smoothie Menu:
GREEN: Baby Spinach, Parsley, Bananas, Apple juice & Spirulina
MAGENTA: Strawberries, Bananas, Rasberries & Acai Powder
YELLOW: Orange juice, Mangos & Bananas
BLACK: Mango, Spinach, Rasberries, Acai Powder & Spirulina

A liimited edition GMYK poster will be printed live with 100% Natural inks.

Looking forward to a smooth afternoon with you

Benji & Julien