Oct 24

Dreams in Progress

Dreams in Progress
an informal evening to talk about a new platform for Community sharing & dreaming

Thursday, Oct 24th 8pm in tête

Starting from 5pm we will be in the space for those who cannot make it at 8pm.

Dear friends & friends of tête,
We would like to share with you our project of a social network based on common values, and real life connections centered around 3 ideas:


We are exploring how to use models from existing systems, in a way which reflects the natural ways we connect and help each other in real life. 

Like in life it’s a slow long-term, organic process. Not a stream of endless information. Dreams evolve, goals change, how can we support each other in this dynamic process?

It is a question of common values, things which create a positive change in the world, sharing global human conscience, stopping the frenetic consumption by sharing resources…

How can technology enrich our real life without losing ourselves in it ?

Imagine connecting to people, with the responsibility of choosing the people you are connected to in real life.

At the same time discovering people with similar values, through the dreams, knowledge and resources that they have shared in the open space.

It’s like when you invite at your home only your friends and at the same time you have the possibility to go to a central place in the city and meet interesting people.

a notion of Karma
A helps B with their project and B loans C their tool. E shares knowledge with A and F helps B, C & E with their homework.

We have the common value of helping each other without the need for a direct reward in exchange for the service, tools and or knowledge we have shared. 

The 3 principles of Dreams in Progress

share your projects in progress. 
no obligation of a fixed goal required
communicate what are you missing to achieve them and find help for your projects
get advice feedback from the people you share with
help other people with their projects without expecting any rewards in exchange
meet and collaborate with people in the real world 
share knowledge, and find knowledge
a filter for all the crap on the internet.
find things through the people you trust in their expertise 
discover resources through values and not only through specific subjects.
share & exchange resources
share tools/things locally
help other people out with services and knowledge, 
by interest for their purpose or simply in altruist way
locally & globally

do you have a dream in progress?

we would like to invite you to share your dreams in progress, during an informal evening to talk about the platform and how it could adapt to your dreams and needs. 

Don’t have anything to share but are interested in the subject of community, commons, sharing, changing the world? 
Come by anyways and share a warm drink ( tea and grog ) with us

benji & kita