Feb 15 - Feb 20 2021

Yes we are (not) open

Welcome to the social-kunsttrodelmarkt-experimental gift economy shop.

Discover a selection of Sticks & Stones, Spielzug, Bucher, Kunst, Artist Artifacts, and more, online here and come by for a curb-side pick-up up at tête.

Everything you see is available following the principles of the gift economy: You choose to give what you feel.

In paralel the same objects will be available on eBay Klienanzeigen in the more traditional exchange of fixed amount of money.

Yes we are (not) open is both an exploration in economic systems. 

Which system will bring more value to both the participants and the space? What forms of energetic exchange will be experienced?

This project does not aim to answer but rather ask questions and explore the role of project spaces within the context of the current restrictions of the lockdown.

How do we as a independantly run artist space find solutions to continue to survive within the current limitations?

How do we as artists continue to find ways to interact with the world?

Feb 15 - 20th Mon - Sat from 12-2PM

tete will be open for you to come and pick up whatever objects you see here on this page. You are welcome to give whatever you feel good to give and know that your contribution will directly help in keeping tête open. 

We will follow strict covid protocol and only allow 1 person to enter the space at a time alone, find what you would like and gift the amount you wish.

If you would like to make an appointment to pickup something at another time you can write to: info@tete.nu