WE, tête

09 January 2014 - 21 January 2014

WE, tête

tête is turning two and keeps going

After two exciting years, tête acts for the first time as a group, and celebrates the end of its booster phase with an exhibition showcasing tête members only. WE, tête does not just present different artistic positions, but also mirrors what joins us: tête, both as a generous space and as a model of thinking. 

tête means to be open for the new, the other, the foreign. tête doesn’t consist of a closed homogeneous group but of individuals that run the project space each month independently. In place of democratic decisions there’s autonomy in, and respect for the work of the individual. This concept implies that tête doesn’t follow a specific goal, doesn’t have a structured program nor has created a ‘brand‘. Our diversity is our strength. Thus, we will continue to follow our tête-approach after the collective exhibition again.

As an exception to the rule, WE, tête tries to make our idea of tête visible. Central here is the encounter, the exchange: tête as a social space. tête is impossible without its public, which is reflected through the various portraits – be it concrete ones, of friends or models, or of anonymous placeholders. The two installations that were specifically made for the show characterize tête particularly well. With its airport announcements in different languages, Adrian Schiesser’s sound installation refers to the internationality of both our group and our audience, and talks about our presence and absence, the permanent state of flux. Julien Villaret’s recycling of his own catalogs into a hammock, finally celebrates the abandonment of the ego, the look into the future, and playfully invites to participate, interact: to exchange.

WE, tête

with: Mark Brogan, Anna Chkolnikova, April Gertler, hannah goldstein, Hervé Humbert, Andrea Huyoff, Benji Martin, Steeven Mouran, Adrian Schiesser, Julien Villaret, Ellen Luise Weise

curated by Conny Becker, concert by Sébastien Brault

opening: Thursday, January 9, from 7pm onwards
craniosacral therapy by Erik Fenz on donation: Monday, January, 13th, 12-6pm (rsvp)
artist talks by Mark Brogan, April Gertler and hannah goldstein: Wednesday, January 15th, 7pm 
finissage & concert: Tuesday, January 21, from 7pm onwards

open by appointment: 0177 - 266 69 23