what is tête?

tête is an experiment in how to run an art space.

tête is time-shared & co-financed by a shifting group of artists. 
Each artist organizes their time in the space independently.


tête started in March 2012 in the former TÄT art space on Schönhauser Allee. 


Over the past 5 years, there have been more than 300 events in tête including exhibitions, installations, performances, concerts, talks, food and others, with more than 1000 artists, musicians, performers, thinkers, speakers, cooks, and curators from the international arts community of Berlin.


Due to its nature tête is visited by a wide variety of communities and networks.
It is a space where people meet, speak and exchange ideas.


tête has also provided a space for many different Art projects over the years including Picture Berlin, Kaetha, PlayfulNature, ParisBerlin>fotogroup, RUW! and  General Public

It is a space where the impossible still seem possible.