play in may

01 May 2014 - 31 May 2014


This coming month in tête - play in may :

tête transforms itself into an open stage,

free draw & night light .


open stage:

come and sing play dance in tête, open to all, you are welcome to use tête as a space to play music, experiment sound or dance around! Weekdays from 10am - 10pm, weekends 4pm - 11pm

Would you like to perform in tête? send us a message  at


free draw: 

During the whole month the 2 front walls of tête are free to draw on with chalk provided by us. tête will be open during events only and by appointment

night light:
during the evenings and night when tête is closed,
the window of the space will be transformed into a video projection onto the street.
We are looking for videos / animations / slideshows / gifs to show during the month of may.
interested? send us a link to your video: video must be a loop that can play on a computer.

SUN 4 MAY 4pm

WASTELAND GREEN trusts in the bare power of vocals and acoustic instruments. The trio with female lead singer SUSANNE WERTH presents songs in the range of Folk, Pop, Chanson, Jazz and Country. The intensity of her voice matches an ideal background with the dynamic guitar playing of FRIEDRICH BARNISKE and ARNE ZAUBER's versatility in adding the very different sounds of the accordion. WASTELAND GREEN perform original songs with English, German, French, Italien and Spanish lyrics and they weave acoustic music with a very unique colour.
listen here:

SUN 18 MAY 4pm

Tidjan Kris
Improvised Vocal Loops
listen here:

WED 21 MAY 8pm

Paula Tebbens
is a Berlin-born songwriter who plays energetic acoustic songswith hook lines that stay in mind for a very long time. Influenced by Folk, Bluegrass and Western swing from an early age, Paula ́s music is identified by a groovy base

listen here :

Jeanette Hubert
Timeless songwriting chops from Berlin-based Jeanette Hubert. Her musical career gets off to an early start at the tender age of eleven. Without even knowing how to play an instrument, she begins writing her first songs and performing them in public whenever the opportunity presents itself.
listen here:

SUN 25 MAY 4pm

luziluu loops whatever comes and goes ...
listen here:

FRI 30 MAY 9pm

After an accidental midnight fire that has burnt all his vinyls and also her guitar they found they want to work together to make a new history. He used to spin vinyls and compose minimal music when home alone. Her stories are obsessions with lives of others, symbols, words and all surreal. 
On their way they met two friends; one of them when her fragile hands gave up while playing a tiger song, the other one to give the songs a heartbeat. Two becomes three becomes four — air is water is earth is fire.

Petra & Roman & Jan & Jon-Eirik

Stay tuned more coming soon...