The beautiful melancholy

06 December 2012 - 29 December 2012

Conni Brintzinger, Catherine Lorent, Roselyne Titaud

Opening & Glühwein: 12.6.2012, from 7pm onwards
Gran Horno: Reminiscence reactivée (Performance)

It’s not about celebrating melancholy, but rather to accept it when it comes.
The exhibition shows its positive sides, too often overshadowed by its dark aura.
Although usually associated with gloom and passivity, melancholy can be a way of rethinking solitude, focus and creativity.


Exhibition: 12.6.12 - 12.29.12

Concert: 12.13.2012, at 8.30pm
Nicole Bianchet

Advent dinner: 12.17.2012, at 8pm

Film screening: 12.19.2012, at 8pm
Samuel Beckett
Conni Brintzinger

a project by Conny Becker for tête