Sep 01 - 30 2012

Handmade Miracles

HandMade Miracles was an invitation to fill the month of September with as many "handmade miracles" as possible. Artists and others where invited to interpret what a "Handmade Miracle" is for them. The month started with Thank you for Taking where the artists Benjamin Lee Martin & Anna Chkolnikova invited anyone to come and take whatever they wanted from an assortment of objects from their home. There followed a number of exhibitions, concerts, performances as well as healing arts sessions ranging from candlelight yoga to Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy.

Sept 8th - Thank you for taking
Sept 9th - Tête Universelle
Sept 11th - Lightness of Being - Biodynamic Craniosacral
Sept 14th - Garde le soliel dans ta tête
Sept 15th - Kinder Sushi Bankett
Sept 19th - Light Projection Lab - Chris Fraser
Sept 21st - Alarm Came Hidden
Sept 22nd - The Doors of Mistaken Beliefs
Sept 25th - Recreation at Night - Mathieu Schoetll
Sept 26th - Integrative Bodywork - Mark Maybank
Sept 26th - Candle light Yoga - Kirileigh Lynch
Sept 27th - Yumaii Miracle - Julie Sorel & Marie Sanson
Sept 28th - Oleg Tcherny - Film Presentation
Sept 29th - Fiona De Vos - Vocal Concert
Sept 29th - Snowwhite and the seven dwarves
Sept 30th - Garden Brunch