CLOUD - Ellen Luise Weise + Beate Huss

01 February 2014 - 28 February 2014

Die CLOUD hat sich seit Urzeiten geformt und setzt sich am 7. Februar ab 17:00 Uhr in Bewegung.
Sie löst sich am 28.Februar um 24:00 Uhr über Berlin wieder auf.
Nutzen Sie die Gelegenheit, die Cloud zu erleben und betrachten Sie diese Ankündigung als Einladung.

In Tete is the cloud, the CLOUD, for rebirth, for the possibility of a complete new beginning. What is added into it, determines their shape and movement.
For these purposes, the exhibition rooms from top to bottom were filled with straw.
straw there since operate the farming people, it is one of the oldest witnesses of our history. As waste immediately fed to the next benefit, it has always been part of a closed circuit, never only form, never useless - like a cloud.
straw is like a blank sheet of paper, but 3 dimensional, all meaning to redesign stimulating and full of energy. It is sensual, seductive, devotedly, licentious, lewd, stimulating, exhilarating, etc. Ellen Luise Weise and Beate Huss show works that evolve during the course of the exhibition, which arise on site and so immediately are part of the cloud.  The cloud is a  social sculpture , in the virtual network world, as well as in the analog Tête-room. Their shape and their interaction takes place on the last day of the show to a temporary end. They will dissolve and die. Death makes room for a new cloud ...
The Cloud Has been shaped since the dawn of time and is set to move on  February 7th at 7 pm.
It dissolves again over Berlin on  February 28th at midnight.
Use this opportunity to experience the cloud and Consider this announcement as an invitation.  +